Drilling Experiences

Most Recent Contract

Navigational Beacons – Completed in 2013

We were contracted to Alkhomasia Shipping Company in Saudi Arabia to install 14 navigational beacons in the Red Sea on the coral reafs.

We supplied and designed all the machines and equipment.

There were 2 staff from Borehole Man on the contract for 12 months.

Structure Platform placement1

Mozambique Contract

Nicodala, Milange, Pebane and Nampula – Completed 2010

We drilled 50 boreholes and installed hand pumps for the locals.

The contract was funded by Unicef and overseen by the government.






Chapmans Peak – Cape Town

Anchor Poles for the Rock Catch Nets – Completed 2009

Drilling against the mountain with the drilling rig hanging from a crane positioned on the road below.

Image106 Image119 Image104 Image120

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